Hair transplant costs in the Upstate New York region of Albany range from $4-$8 per hair graft and a single hair transplant procedure can cost from $4,000 to $15,000.

Factors that can impact the cost of a hair transplant procedure include the experience of the hair surgeon, the degree of hair loss the patient needs treated, the patients' desired density and the harvesting technique utilized by the hair surgeon.

Typically a FUT or strip harvest procedure is the most affordable. A large linear strip of hair is removed from the back and then while the surgeon prepares the recipient sites on the top a team of trained technicians are dissecting the individual follicular units that will be transplanted under binocular microscopes. This procedure is efficient, usually moves more hair in less time. It does leave a thin linear scar that is covered by the surrounding hair.

FUE or follicular unit extraction involves the surgeon excising individual follicular units. This procedure is more tedious and time consuming, but the patient will have no visible donor scar and the patient can shave their hair in the back as short as they desire.

Equipment like the ARTAS Robot which is used to perform laser assisted FUE hair transplantation can add to costs and if other ancillary services like PRP hair loss therapy.

Hair loss can effect not only our appearance but our self image and self confidence. At Pawlinga Medical Center For Hair Restoration we understand hair loss both professionally and personally and look forward to the opportunity to help you regain your hair and self confidence again!


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